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The company's mission is to improve the quality of life and health of people around the world. We do this by promoting a healthy lifestyle, engaging users in sports competition and prophylaxis. We believe that we can prevent many diseases and live longer in health thanks to sports activities. To do this, we create unlimited financial opportunities for our partners.

Your Fit Way


The company's vision is to become a leading company promoting a healthy lifestyle in the world. We want to be the first choice of a client who wants to start a healthy life. We imagine a world in which our users and partners will live longer in health and become financially independent thanks to us and our products.

YFW Vision
YFW Goal

Your Fit Way


Our goal is to collect 50,000 application users by the end of 2020

1.000.000 application users by the end of 2023

For instance 10,000 partners by the end of 2020

Your Fit Way



We trust that our partners will enthusiastically create a world of healthy and active people and will motivate others to a healthy lifestyle.


We reward well for hard work and dedication. That is why we create unlimited possibilities for our partners.


We believe that thanks to teamwork we will achieve outstanding results.


The result means for us satisfied customers around the world who are happy to use our services and recommend us to their friends.

Your Fit Way


We are a Teal, constantly learning company, in which our partners and clients are at the center of our organization. It is thanks to our partners that we can grow and change the world together.

We know the importance of transparency and honesty in business. For this reason we sign contracts with our partners which predetermine the amount of their earnings. This allows our partners to easily plan their financial future. It is based on the fact that each partner chooses the contract he wants to perform and knows in advance how much money he will earn.

We especially care about our managers whom we support and provide them with ready-to-work tools. The best of them will become ambassadors and receive additional remuneration from the national or international turnover. The best of the best will receive a franchise for a given country, become our partners and receive additional remuneration from all over the country.

YFW Business Model

Your Fit Way


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