Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us via the forms available on yourfitway.com/contact, please find if your problem is already resolved here.

If you are having problems with registering, please check out step-by-step tutorial we have prepared for You.

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Mobile App

The application is a demo version available for selected people. After downloading it, you must create a new account (it can be set up at the same email address as on the website). Because the YourFitWay application is only a test version, it is not configured with data from the website. The application will be configured with the site in phase II before launch.

Make sure your application name is spelled together YourFitWay, not separately as here: Your Fit Way.

The application has a white button - this is a menu. Click the arrows, or exchanger. Then choose the option to exchange YourFitWayCoin (YFWC) for prizes and buy a Trial Subscription for 14 days. After 14 days, you can duplicate this operation without restrictions because it is a demo version.

When you lose or forget your password, in the "Login" tab, click "Forgot password?" to reset your old password. After providing the email address to which the account is registered, we will send you a link to reset your old password.

You can report the problem on the main page https://test.yourfitway.com/contact by clicking on "contact" in the footer of the page. After clicking, the form and category of the problem will appear that you can report.

Wait 5 to 15 minutes for the e-mail to arrive, check your spam inbox. If the email with verification link doesn’t arrive, go to the website https://yourfitway.com/login, try to log in with the same email that you tried to register. Click Sign in” and then click “Click to resend verification link”. If it doesn’t help report a problem via the form at https://test.yourfitway.com/contact by clicking "contact" in the footer of the page.

Please refresh the page (CTRL+SHIFT+R). If this does not change, please contact: https://yourfitway.com/contact.

Please wait 5 to 15 minutes for email and check your spam inbox. If you still do not receive confirmation of purchase, please report the problem by filling out the contact form on the site https://test.yourfitway.com/contact.

No payout questions.
No structure questions.